Friday, 12 April

“Local Activities”.

19:30h  Activity of Values Campaign:"Sport, where the values win"

Saturday, 13 April

Congress commencement

8:30h  Registration

9:00h  Congress introduction

9:15h  Round table 1: “Efficient management of events and sport facilities” 

Speakers: Ignasi Fàbregues, Juan A. Fernández, Ramon Cuadrat, Joan Fontserè

10 :00h  Conference 1: “Sport Values and Performance”
               Speaker: Xesco Espar

11:00h  Coffee break

11:30h Round Table 2: “Sport Values and Performance”
             Chair: Xesco Espar
             Speakers: Rafa Flores, Llorenç Sales, Silvia Puigarnau, Aina Cid

12:30h  Presentations TFG - Pechakucha format - (classrooms Auditorium)
             Research work and Communications

13 :30h Lunch

15:00h Posters Area Exhibition

16:00h Conference 2: “Invisible training”
             Speaker: Joan Vives

16:45h  Round table 3: "Invisible  training"
              Chair: Fernando Revillas
              Speakers: Erola madrigal (Physiotherapy)
                             Kevin A. Ardón(Nutrition)
                             Dr. Joaquim Guasch (Medicine)
                             Joan Vives (Psychologist

18:00h Workshops 
            1. NUTRITION. Superfood. Kevin A. Ardón
            2. SPORT ELDERLY AGE.
                Musculoskeletal Disorders. Miquel Also
            3. PHYSIOTHERAPY. Erola Madrigal 
                Amposta Circus School. Jordi Príncep
            5. PSICOMOTRICITY. Xavi Forcadell 
            6. VALUES. Josep Roda

20:00h End  of session.


Sunday, 14 April

09:00h Conference 3: Physical Education and  Psychomotricity: Two disciplines united for the same purpose?
             Speaker: Dr. Xavi Forcadell 

09:45h Round Table 4: Psychomotricity 
             Chair: Dr. Xavi Forcadell
             Speakers: Lurdes Martínez, Mar Pérez.                          
10:30h Coffe Break

11:00h Conference 4:"Physical Activity and Health for elderly people"
             Speaker: Dolors Aguas

11:45h Round Table 5:"Physical Activity and Health for elderly people"
            Speakers: Dolors Aguas, Laia Claverias
            Anna Ollé

12:30h Conference 5: "Sport and leisure in nature"
             Speaker: Joan Barberà

13:30h Closing Session.

TBC: To be confirmed